Healthy Steps

As a national initiative grounded in medical practice, the Healthy Steps approach emphasizes a close relationship between health care professionals and mothers and fathers in addressing the physical, emotional and intellectual growth and development of children from birth to age of three. Rocking Horse Community Health Center is the exclusive site in the state of Ohio for this innovative hands-on programming


Children with special health care needs often experience a multitude of challenges medically, in the community, at home and at school. Because of the confusing array of needs and services for children with special needs, care is often fragmented, disorganized and inefficient. Coordinating Habilitation And Maximizing Potential is a program designed for patients with special health care needs, including mental of physical handicap or foster placements. Rocking Horse Community Health Center CHAMP program care coordination provides a single point of entry into care systems while integrating multiple services, maintaining continuity and avoiding duplication.

Reach Out and Read

It is hard to imagine a life without books, and yet some of our young patients have not had the opportunity to interact with the rich and full blessings of the written word.   Rocking Horse Community Health Center hopes to change all that as a Reach out and Read provider. Reach out and Read is a clinic-based preschool literacy initiative that promotes early literacy and language development. Developed to address the low rate of reading readiness in urban, low income children, the Rocking Horse Reach out and Read program provides new books to children at each well-child visit, offers instruction and advice to parents about reading aloud, stocks its waiting room with books children can read with volunteers and promotes a culture of literacy. Children who participate in this program have proven to be more prepared to enter kindergarten.

Child and Family Therapy

Stressors and social pressures affect children today more than every before, yet mental health is often overlooked in the pediatric setting. Whether it is divorce, abuse, neglect, or emotion overloads, our children want to have their feelings validated and may need to communicate individually or in family situations with a licensed therapist. Rocking Horse Community Health Center provides professional social workers, therapists and child psychiatrists in a pediatric setting to help children modify behaviors, clarify self concepts and build healthy relationships. Our behavioral staff works closely with the pediatricians to assure that our patients receive the best support possible. Offering therapy and support groups for children who have been bullied or are bullying, for children with ADHD, for grandparents raising their grandchildren, for mothers with after birth stress and for many other groups is another way Rocking Horse reaches out to meet patient need.


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$175K grant will increase addiction care at Springfield health center

Date: October 02, 2017

A $175,000 federal grant will allow a local clinic to integrate mental health and substance abuse treatment services into its patients' care to help battle the opioid crisis in Springfield, leaders said.

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