Dr. Cynthia Richards

The collegial atmosphere, an environment that "promotes treating people with dignity and respect" and the ability to provide comprehensive care is what Dr. Cynthia Richards likes best about Rocking Horse Community Health Center. Originally from Los Angeles, Dr. Richards has worked in Alaska, San Francisco and in southwestern Ohio before joining the RHCHC team in 2014. Professionally, her interests revolve around seeing people as whole and not fragments and taking an integrated approach to collaboration. She has extensive experience working with patients on the autism spectrum, with attachment difficulties and complex medical problems. Dr. Richard's personal interests include art, music, complex systems, boots and, of course, family.

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Rocking Horse to fill gap, serve Clark County kids with no dental care

Date: July 19, 2017

Rocking Horse Community Health Center intends to open a wing at its South Limestone Street center in September to offer dental care predominately to local children.

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Clark County health commissioner: Get screened - and save your life

Date: May 02, 2017

I saved my life today. Well, not all by myself. I had help from many people. Dr. Alan Gabbard, his staff, and the helpful staff at the Springfield Regional Outpatient Center made my thoughts into reality.

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