Compassionate healing that transforms lives Every family deserves a medical home Raising healthy families in a caring community Where families find the care they need Helping create stronger families Building a healthier community Where kids find the care they need

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 We Are the Face of Healthcare

Rocking Horse Community Health Center makes certain that quality healthcare is available to anyone who needs it regardless of their ability to pay. We are passionate about bringing health and wellness to the residents of this area so that they may prosper in and contribute to our community and simply live life to its fullest.
By providing our patients with a Medical Home that is safe and generously effective, Rocking Horse is able to change lives with a myriad of services that help our patients to improve their physical and emotional health. Offering education, health promotion, crisis intervention and links to other community agencies Rocking Horse heals wounds inside and out. 
Rocking Horse Community Health Center is on a mission to Raise Healthy Families in a Caring Community won’t you join us?
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